Cork LeatherĀ®
Think green. Be Fashionable. Buy Cork.

Cork Leather is the first and only retailer in Australia to showcase fashion accessories made with Cork. All our products are hand made in Portugal, where the cork is harvested and manufactured.

Cork is natural, elegant and versatile. It is obtained from the bark of the Cork Oak tree, which benefits from the process. The cork oak tree needs to be stripped of its bark every 9 years in order to have a long healthy life, up to 350 years.

After processing the cork oak bark can take many forms, from the soft sheen of cork-paper to the more robust materials used for belts or again the pliable and soft finish used for handbags, hats, and jewellery.

Cork Leather offers various products ranging from fashion to corporate, including handbags, jewellery, aprons, briefcases, wine bags, USB sticks, belts, hats, and even an unusual but very elegant umbrella! Cork is a wonderful and natural alternative to leather: it is silky soft to touch, easy to clean, lightweight, stain & scratch resistant, beautiful and 100% sustainable.

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Because we love nature, we choose to work within the boundaries of its harmony and preservation. That is why our collection is so special.

Think green. Be Fashionable. Buy Cork.